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Film Photography | Kodak Portra 400

Looks like Fall is around the corner. I believe we will see cold temps around here very soon. It’s pouring rain since forever, and we all enjoy it. I only hope that we will have a little bit more of warm days and sunshine, so that I can organize a garage sale. There are tons of things I’d like to get rid of: Small bikes, stroller, children’s books, clothes…I need to declutter.

I want to show you a few images taken with the Canon AE-1 program + 50mm lens last July. I am pleased with these photos. Most of the images came out too washed out {because I’ve overexposed a bit too much} and some a bit blurry. My eyes are going bad!

I loved this film. It’s Kodak Portra 400, shot at ISO 200. No Photoshop here. Film is so great, the colors and contrast are perfect. I can’t wait to send another film to the lab. I enjoy playing with my film camera.


©Zilá Longenecker



8 Sep 2013