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Cashew turns one

Cashew Caju is one year old. We adopted him last year at Pets in the Pines.  He was a tiny boy, one of the last kittens in the cage for adoption.

I have no idea of his exact birthday  but I guess he was born around the last week of May. He is very curious and playful. This cat purrs so much! Every morning he comes to my bed and sits right beside my head and all that purr is like a lullaby! He also loves to drink water from the faucet. He sits in the Master bathroom sink and asks for fresh water.

I think Cashew will miss his backyard a lot. Moving to the desert will definitely disappoint my cats as they love the outdoors, but with so many predators like coyotes, big owls and bob cats we will have to build a catio for them.

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Posted by Zila on June 17, 2015

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