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The Cats

Cashew Caju has grown quite a bit. He is probably 5-6 months now. Super playful, curious and brave.


Naninha is the white cat you can see in the background. She is 16 years old and she is CKD. Recently she caught a cold and her eyes are not looking the best, but she is getting better. She takes fluidsevery single day to keep her body hydrated. She’s my BFF since 98. Her son, Tobias Malaquias passed away last January and I am still grieving. The loss of a beloved friend hurts so much. I wasn’t expecting his death so soon.

This scraggy black cat is called Sid Pessanha. My husband adopted him even though he was the ugliest cat at the shelter but he was the sweetest. Once in a while we have to shave him off, since he’s not able to keep up with all that crazy hair! When I am on my computer writing or browsing the Internet, he climbs on my lap and rub his head against my cheeks. That’s the cutest thing! He is the most romantic cat!


Posted by Zila on October 1, 2014

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