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Fall in Flagstaff, Arizona

Fall is here! Nature is a colorful canvas and I enjoy this Season very much. Another day I went groceries and they had exquisite looking pumpkins for sale and I picked the one below to decorate the lawn.


Yesterday I went out with my husband and we strolled through the city for a bit and I had fun capturing some Fall colors.  I love taking long walks with my camera and seeing beauty in the ordinary.

fall foliage

fall colors

Photography makes me feel super good. I love it just for myself, I find joy in documenting little bits of life..

fall colors

My veggie garden is gone! We had a bit of frost another day. It’s time for some garden clean up and rest. I’ve moved all I could inside and I need to pot some herbs and place them by the window. I hope I can still plant some tulip bulbs where Tobias rests. His burial site will look pretty next Spring.

Posted by Zila on October 9, 2014

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