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fossil creek waterfall, arizona

A quick trip to Fossil Creek, Arizona

Yesterday we took a quick trip to Fossil Creek. It was our first time visiting this place and we will go back for sure!

The water has a gorgeous emerald color due to travertine deposits and it’s crystal clear. It’s Winter, but water wasn’t that cold and there were just a few people around. Probably the best time to visit. I can only imagine this creek during the Summertime with hordes trashing the site.

My boys had lots of fun!

fossil creek, arizona

fossil creek, arizona

Fossil Creek, Arizona



 fossil creek waterfallfossil creek, arizonapedras_rsfossil creek, arizona

fossil creek, arizona

fossil creek waterfall, arizona


 fossil creek forest arizona



Posted by Zila on February 15, 2015
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  1. 02/15/2015
    Olivia Bernardino

    Beautiful and almost untouched place. Returt to it again to Daniel and you get a good time also.

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