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Spring Blossoms


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Today at the grocery store people were smiling, they looked happy. It must be the weather, the beautiful Spring flowers. Or maybe I am just lucky today.  I find people in this city a bit reserved. Beautiful days must affect people’s moods. I think next Springtime I will be enjoying the yellow flowers of the Palo Verdes and the beauty of Agaves and Ocotillos, because our home is for sale. We lived in this city for 8 years and I feel that is really time to move away. There’s nothing too special here that made me think twice about selling our home. The Spring blossoms are definitely gorgeous right now, but strong connections were not made, even though I tried my best.

I think this place lacks a sense of community. People keep for themselves a lot, and I don’t consider myself a shy person at all. I hate living isolated. I have some friends in Phoenix and I can’t wait to be close to them. My husband, perhaps wished to stay here a bit longer, but I am ready to pack and leave! I am looking for new opportunities, a new horizon, perhaps work as a Photographer, build my own studio. Honestly, I wanted to go close to the beach, but I guess this dream will be for another life. California is just too expensive for us. We also talked about moving to Oregon, but high property taxes and old and expensive homes scared us away. Besides, I heard it rains a lot in Oregon! The East side of the country doesn’t attract me much, it’s so cold. I like the Sun, it’s a necessity.


I think I will miss this house. I loved my super short season veggie garden, but I am looking forward to a new life in a new city!


It’s been very stressful right now, selling a home and trying to buy a new one. I can’t barely eat very well. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and fatigued and I just need to cry. Crying is great to release stress, I think. I hope this process ends soon.


Posted by Zila on April 29, 2015

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